Breast Implant Shapes And Surfaces


Breast surgery is life-changing. Why? Successful breast augmentation will make a positive difference to your physique and self-esteem.

One factor to consider is the shape and surface of the implant you choose. Is the round implant the best one for your body? Should you get implants made of silicone? You may have these burning questions on your mind.

Every woman has an ideal perception of how she wants her breasts and silhouette to look. That said, there are a few considerations that all women should have in mind when deciding on the shape and surface of their implants.

Different breast implant shapes and surfaces

Breast implants come in different shapes and surfaces. The patient’s breast tissue will encapsulate the implant naturally, thus it is very important to choose the right implant shape and surface for you.

1. Implant Shapes

a. Round Implants

Round breast implants are the most popular choice for breast augmentation. Women believe that they provide the most lift and cleavage. They are the easiest for surgeons to manipulate because they will be round no matter how they turn, owing to their symmetrical shape. These implants retain their form, no matter how they rotate.

However, the augmented breast doesn’t look natural. Some women may prefer the artificial look, although they are in the minority.

Round implants have four profile variations: low, medium, high, and extra-high. The higher the profile, the narrower the base. Note that round implants have associations with the thinning of breast tissue and complications, according to this study.

Note that the medium profile implants offer the best lift. Round, low-profile implants filled with silicone have a broad base but project less than other implants. In other words, the higher the profile, the narrower the bottom, and the better the projection.

b. Teardrop Implants

A teardrop implant, which some experts call a contoured implant, gets its name because of its shape. It projects better than a round implant and better resembles the form of the breast. A teardrop implant maintains the contour of the breast, enhances it, and makes it appear full.

Another plus of teardrop implants is that they don’t stretch too much, or bottom out. That said, they require more care than round implants in placement. If the goal is to achieve the symmetry of the breast, the surgeon needs to pay attention to the degree of tilt.

Teardrop breast implants are available in ‘full’ or ‘moderate’ height, and ‘full’ or ‘moderate’ projection. Thus, women can choose any of four combinations:

• full height, moderate projection
• full height, full projection
• moderate height, moderate projection
• moderate height, full projection

c. Ergonomix® Implants

As the name suggests, ergonomix implants mimic the feel and shape of the breast. These are a favorite with many women because they accommodate natural lifestyle situations. They imitate the breast’s movements and softness.

Ergonomix® Implants like Motiva use medical grade, ultra-pure silicone. They also enable minimal surgical scarring without a gel fracture. The mechanical properties of the implants are not affected.

Motiva Ergonomix® Implants have shells with incredible tensile strength. Compared with traditional implants, they do not present the complications of rotation and hardness. Furthermore, Motiva employs Inside Safety Technology with an RFID transponder. The implants are thus safe for use on humans.

Breast Implants

2. Implant Surfaces

Breast implants have a silicone shell that can be either smooth or textured. Doctors use the ‘fuzzy’ surfaces to prevent the capsule from contracting.

Implants that are smooth can move about in the breast pocket. On the other hand, a textured implant remains on the underside of the breast, on top of the chest wall. It stays in position, so it cannot turn. A fixed position is not a problem with round implants but is with teardrop-shaped ones. Turning them about will change the shape of the breast.

Breast Implants

Which is the best implant shape and surface for you?

Here are the factors to have in mind when choosing a breast implant for yourself.

a. Implant Shape

The three different types of implants give surgeons many opportunities to optimize breast augmentation results.

Textured implants will suit you if you have thick, firm breast tissue. Because the implant attaches to the chest wall and the mass on the underside of the breast, it doesn’t put pressure on the bottom of the breast. If you have little tissue, the implant will have more tendency to demonstrate rippling. However, the teardrop form mimics the shape of the breast more closely than a round implant.

You won’t have to worry about the shape of your breast changing if you choose a round implant because the shape of your breast will stay the same no matter how the implant turns. However, its form is less natural than that of a teardrop implant. Ergonomix® Implants are the best ones by far because they look and feel natural like a breast should.

b. Implant material

The nature of the material used in the implant affects its form, no matter if it’s round or teardrop-shaped. Silicone gel implants are more fluid than those filled with saline. Therefore, the shape of the breast will be more natural.

c. Implant profiles and projection

The shape of the implant you choose will also determine how well they project. Generally, teardrop implants offer better projection than round ones. Note that the higher the profile, the more outstanding they are.

Consider the tissue envelope when deciding which implant shape is best for you. A tight one will limit how much the breast projects. It may also result in breast tissue atrophy. It’s essential to choose a breast shape and surface that will prevent this from happening. Surgeons typically use low or medium profiles to avoid atrophy. The breast tissue may slide in some cases, causing a ‘waterfall effect’, as described in one study.

In all, the size and surface of an implant affect projection and the health of your natural breast tissue, so choose wisely.