breast augmentation consultation

    Most asked questions during a breast augmentation consultation

    Breast augmentation is a type of cosmetic surgery procedure that has been widely known for women who want to enhance and improve their breasts. Many women consider this surgery because they find it with benefits and advantages. However, before considering this procedure, a few important questions and decisions should be done first to ensure if this is the right procedure for you.

    The first step in going through breast augmentation is to look for a certified surgeon who will perform the surgery. If you are already firm with your decisions, you may now proceed to schedule your consultation for your upcoming surgery.

    During the consultation, it is important to ask questions to your surgeon that are related to your chosen surgery which is the breast augmentation. Having an honest discussion with him will lead to ensure positive results.

    For this procedure, it is essential to ask questions and get information as well from your surgeon. If you are aiming for the better results, you can ask these most asked questions done by patients of breast augmentation:

    How long have you been performing this procedure?

    Before you proceed to consultation, it is vital to do a research of the qualified and certified surgeons in your region. The more experienced your surgeon is, the better the outcome will be. Once you already find your surgeon, it is advisable for you to check his past experiences and qualifications about his expertise. If he went through training and earned certifications, it is guaranteed that you are dealing with a surgeon who can perform this procedure very well.

    Which Breast Implants should I choose?

    breast augmentation consultation

    If you are undergoing breast augmentation, it is best to know which type of breast implant is good for you. Many patients have their own preference of breast implants but the surgeon is more knowledgeable about their use, advantages, and disadvantages. So most probably your surgeon will be the one who will help and guide you in picking which breast implant is going to use.

    You can refer to the link Here to learn more about the type of breast implant.

    Where will be the incision site take place?

    breast augmentation consultation

    While you may already have in your mind your preferred incision site before your surgery, it is still important to discourse the pros and cons of the different kinds of techniques of incision site with your surgeon. This is because to help you determine the most appropriate incision site that depends on your body profile and body needs.

    You can refer to here to learn more about incision placement for breast augmentation.

    How long will it take for me to recover?

    During the consultation, your surgeon should give you a clear and realistic idea of what you can expect once the surgery is done. It is imperative for you to be well-prepared for your upcoming surgery and schedule your important work and responsibilities during your recovery. In the midst of your consultation, your surgeon will provide you also the timeline of your recovery status. The timeline includes a detailed list of aftercare instructions, as well as the side effects that you may expect and how to manage and treat them upon recovery.

    What are the possible risks of this procedure?

    Just like any other surgery, breast augmentation does also have risks. Discussing the possible risks you may get with your surgeon is highly recommended so you can prepare yourself and take precautions to prevent them when necessary.

    Potential complications that you may endure are bleeding, infection, implant rupture, implant malposition, and change information of scar tissue. However, these complications are rare to happen. Always remind yourself not to forget to ask questions about these complications to your surgeon to help you reduce them in a proper way.

    You can refer to here to learn more about the possible risks and complications of breast augmentation surgeries.


    Breast augmentation is an effective way to improve the shape and size of the breasts, but it will only happen if you are well-prepared and you have a deep understanding of its benefits and what it can do to give you your expectation. Keeping these questions in your mind and ask them to your surgeon will help you understand more about the surgery you prefer.