different types of breast shapes

Right Type of Bra for Different Types of Breast Shapes

The most common way of describing one’s breast is by its size, whether it is big or small. However, what other people might not realize is that there are different types of breast shapes out there. No two people have the same type of breasts.

Even if your breasts are considered “normal”, there are some other characteristics that differentiate it from others. Learning about your breast shape can help you in purchasing the right type of bra to use. It can also be an indicator to know if changes are happening to that area of the body and if you need to consult a doctor. Here is a guide on how to buy the right type of bra for the different types of breast shapes and help you figure out what category your breasts belong to.

Right type of bra for different types of breast shapes

different types of breast shapes
  • Archetype: This is considered the “standard” breast type, round and full, with a small point at the nipple. It is not hard to look for bras for this type of breast because most bra manufacturers design their products based on this shape.
  • Asymmetric: It is common for a person to have asymmetric breasts; breasts can be uneven by a cup size or less. For this shape, push-up bras with removable pads are best, as you can even-out the breasts by adding or removing the pads.
  • Athletic: Physically active women tend to have “athletic breasts”, which are wider, with more muscle and less breast tissue. Wireless bras are good for this breast to provide support and comfort.
  • Bell Shape: As the name suggests, bell shape breasts have a narrow top and a round bottom. A lifting T-shirt bra is recommended for this type of breast shape.
  • Close Set: Here, the breasts have no separation or have a very small gap between them. As the breasts sit closer to the center of the chest, it creates more distance between the underarm and the breasts. A plunge bra or balconette bra can be used by women with this type of breast shape.
  • Conical: Conical breast shape is more common in smaller breasts. This type is perky, has little to no volume at the top, and points outward. A padded, plunge bra is recommended to push the breast upward, creating a more natural shape.
  • East West: With this shape, the breasts gravitate away from the center of the chest and point in opposite directions outward. A push-up bra can help gather the breasts to the front of the chest.
  • Relaxed: With the relaxed type, the breasts hang and the nipples point downward because of looser breast tissues. For a little more lift, a T-shirt bra or push-up bra is recommended.
  • Round: Just like what you would expect, the round breast shape is fully circular, with equal amount of fullness at the top and bottom parts of the breast. It is one of the more ideal breast types because most styles of bras will work well with this shape.
  • Side Set: Side set breasts are similar to the East West shape, but the gap between the breasts is a little bigger. It also has a fuller shape with nipples that face more forward. For this type, a front-closure bra will lift and push the breasts closer together.
  • Slender: Slender breasts are thinner on the side, with the nipples pointing downward; they are slightly longer than wide. Although, it does not mean that you wear a smaller cup size. Bras with a deep plunge are recommended to push the breasts toward the center of the chest.
  • Teardrop: This type is similar to round and bell shape breasts. Here, the breasts are circular, but the bottom part is fuller than the top. Teardrop breasts is another one of the ideal breast shapes as most bra styles can work with this type.

Understanding breast changes

So, does your breast change with time? The shape and size of the breasts are determined genetically, but they can change during different periods of a woman’s life.

Some changes can happen to your breasts during menstrual cycles, such as swelling. The breasts also become temporarily bigger during pregnancy or breastfeeding. After childbirth, they will come back to their normal shape and size. However, there are also cases where breastfeeding can cause the breasts to sag or become flat.

Diet and exercise can also affect how your breasts look. The breasts consist of glandular and fatty tissues. So, a healthy diet and fat burning exercises like running, aerobics, and swimming can reduce the size of the breasts. While the breast is not a muscular organ, exercises can still improve its appearance. Work-outs that focus on the pectoral muscles, such as push-ups and weight exercises, can lift the breasts and make them look fuller.

Of course, if you are not satisfied with the shape or size of your breasts, there are plastic surgery procedures that you can undergo. There is breast augmentation (enlargement of the breasts), breast lift (raising the breasts), and breast reduction (reducing the size of the breasts).

Knowing and understanding your breast type is important for you to make smart decisions for your body. Learn everything about your breasts so that you can go on every day with great support and comfort.