Is It Possible to Achieve Natural Looks After Breast Augmentation?

    Nowadays, the term “natural beauty/looks” gets tossed around frequently enough that numerous individuals don’t realize what it is. There’s a lot of meaning when it comes to being natural. For today’s topic “natural looks”, is it really possible to achieve natural looks after Breast Augmentation?

    Breast augmentation is one of the trendy surgical procedure amongst women in Asia that aims to increase the size, shape, or fullness of the breast. Most patient’s hope is to get a natural look and feel after they undergo their breast implants surgery. But what does “natural looks” mean?

    When it comes to natural-looking results, the breast enhancement main goal is to enlarge breast while maintaining a natural-looking posture in the body of the patients. One of the pros of having natural-looking breasts is that majority of the people won’t be able to tell by simply looking at the physical appearance of the breast because of its natural-looking motion and presence. Your scars will be almost non-existent, and the enlargement will compliment your figure in a very natural way. When going after a natural-looking “boob job”, your surgeon will be enhancing your existing breast, by not trying to build a whole new look for you but to improve it in a most natural look. Most natural-looking breast implants are placed under the chest muscle, and the size will be proportionate to the rest of your body.

    So what is the best way to get that natural look? In order to achieve a natural-looking breast, there are many characteristics to include:

    • Breast implants that moves naturally and feel like real breasts.
    • Breast implants that are not positioned too high (mid-arm level is most suitable).
    • Breast implants with majority of the volume placed on the lower half part. (mimics gravity effect on normal breasts)
    • Ensures that nipples are positioned on the highest point of the breasts.
    • Breast implants that have a gradual slope from the upper pole to the nipple.

    It’s not impossible to achieve natural looks after breast augmentation, but for the patients to achieve new breasts that are as natural as possible, it is important to know the key factors that will help you successfully achieve the natural looks of breast implants.

    Size and shape of implants for breast augmentation

    With regards to the characteristic of natural-looking breast implants, shape and size are the most important things to consider before undergoing Breast Augmentation. Most of the misconception nowadays is that people think bigger breasts are always better and that higher-profile breast always looks prettier. However, when it comes to having a natural look, large or high-profile breast enlargement may not produce the best results for your body and may end up looking unnatural.

    Basically, patients ought to decide what sort of result she is looking for. The surgeon can assist and facilitate the things to consider and the decision-making course when figuring out which implant style and surgical techniques are the most appropriate for the patient’s body and the desired results she is looking for.

    Lists of the questions and conditions that should be deliberated when examining the type and size of your implants:

    1. What are your specific goals and expected results you want to achieve?
    2. Do you have allergies? What is your medical background?
    3. Measure your body frame and mass.
    4. Is existing breast tissue enough?
    5. Where is your preferred incision placement?

    Types of implants for breast augmentation

    There are many types of implants in the market that you need to study and review. Usually, your surgeon will discuss with you the best options depending on your body’s requirement. Though, the reality is there are no perfect implants.

    • Saline implants: It contains “sterile saltwater”. This implant is made with an elastomer silicone shell which affects the motions, firmness, and shape of the breast. With this, it could still look very natural as long as the body was well-examined and check before undergoing augmentation. One downside of saline implants is the increased chance of breast implant rippling, where the rippling can be seen on the surface of the skin and results in a very unnatural look.
    • Silicone implants: The “most natural feel” and the most common types of implants. This implant comprises a silicone outer shell which is filled with silicone gel. One of its advantages is if the implant leaks, the gel does not leak out of the outer shell so the breast doesn’t deflate itself.

    Spacing of implants for breast augmentation

    Spacing is important to consider in order to achieve natural looks because it determines where your implants are actually placed on your chest. It makes a big difference in how your breast look once the surgery is completed. The best implant spacing, depends partially on the patient anatomy. If there’s too much space between the implants, the gap between the breasts can look unnatural on its size. However, too little space between implants can cause your cleavage to look artificial and may lead to a problem called skin tenting. The surgeon must take these factors into account when spacing your implants, to ensure that they are in the right position to look as good as possible.

    Implants location for breast augmentation

    The implants’ visual appearance and texture become more natural when they are concealed by a large amount of natural breast tissue. Nevertheless, for patients who have smaller breasts, it is recommended to insert the implant behind the pectoral muscle, for a more confident natural result.

    Over-the-muscle placement is the most common procedure when undergoing breast surgery, but at this moment, the majority of the surgeons consider the under-the-muscle implants procedure to have better results in achieving a more natural-looking breast shape.

    By this means, the Under-the-muscle method is the process where implants are put underneath the pectoral muscle which outcome is to create improved breasts with a more natural shape and a better size in overall position. This results in fewer risk for problems such as skin rippling and stretching or drooping of the breast.

    Inputting the right implants for the patients, the surgeon will form a single cut (incision) in one of the three spots in your body:

    • Inframammary (underneath your breast)
    • Axillary (in the underarm)
    • Periareolar (in the tissue surrounding your nipples)

    Choice of breast augmentation surgeon

    If you want to achieve your desired natural-looking breast, understanding and paying close attention to the above factors is the “list of things” you have to carefully consider.

    This is the most important one to consider, for you to get the possible results. Choosing your surgeon is one of the keys in achieving the “natural-looks”.

    SELECT WISELY: Who should you choose?

    Select a doctor, who is a certified board plastic surgeon and has lots of credentials and experience on Breast Augmentation.

    DO A BACKGROUND RESEARCH: Which Clinic or hospital am I going to go to?

    Studying the company or hospital background will help you to achieve the goals you are looking for. Why is it important? Deciding which hospital you are going to will make you feel more secure and comfortable while doing the operation.

    KNOW YOUR EXPECTATIONS: What are the risks and the expectations?

    As a patient, it is important to discuss what your expectations are and what will be the risks involved when undergoing the procedure. Make a list of your expectations and ask your preferred surgeon if it’s possible or why it is not possible. Asking about the risks will make you be informed on what are the possible things will happen.

    ASK FOR PROOFS: Is there any photos from the previous patients?

    If your goal is to achieve natural look and touch for your breasts, it is essential to request previous patients photos from your surgeon to know its legitimacy. In addition to this, it will help you to decide on your desired goals, which is to have a natural-looks after undergoing Breast Augmentation.

    The majority of the patient goals is to have a natural-looking breast after undergoing augmentation, and nothing is impossible as long as the factors discussed above are met.