How much does breast augmentation cost in Singapore?  

    The breast augmentation procedure is a day surgery where it can be performed in any MOH-accredited day surgery centers.

    During consultation, the plastic surgeon will estimate the surgery cost based on a patient’s augmentation request. Note that the price quotation only serves as an estimation, the fees are not final, and that the actual cost may increase to include overtime and/or operation room fee if additional hours are needed to perform the surgery.

    To provide an estimation, the cost of Breast Augmentation Surgery in Singapore ranges from SGD$13k to SGD18-19K without GST where the reasonable price for Breast Augmentation should be at SGD$13.5k.

    Bear in mind that if your breast augmentation surgery is carried out in a private hospital, you should not be charged with a high operation room fee. Fees for surgery differs from surgeon to surgeon, and clinic to clinic.

    The factors affecting the cost of breast augmentation in Singapore include:  

    Professional fee for the surgeon
    The more experience the surgeon is, the higher the cost.

    Anesthetist’s fee
    There are two types of anaesthetic:

    • Intravenous sedation (IV sedation): an anaesthetics that put you to sleep but you might be awake half way through the surgery which is dangerous.
    • General anaesthetics (GA) is a medically induced coma to make you unresponsive and unconscious.

    The experience of the anesthetist affects the cost too.

    Cost of Breast Implants in Singapore
    Undeniably, different brand of breast implants costs differently in Singapore. The better the brand, the higher price. In addition, the shape of the breast implant will affect costing prices. In general, a round shape implant will cost lesser than an Anatomical’s whereas Motiva Ergonomix will cost the most to justify a premium quality breast implant. In Singapore, the cheapest brand of breast implant belongs to Silimed, where one could go for better quality alternatives such as Mentor, Allergan and Motiva.

    The factors affecting the cost of breast augmentation include:  

    Operating Room Charges
    This depends on the location and quality of the operating room.

    The price for the equipment and consumables is quite standard, hence this will not affect the cost of breast augmentation heavily.

    Medications and Post-Surgical Garment
    A post-surgical garment is essential for one’s recovery after operation where different garment brands will inevitably incur different cost to the patient. Premium garment brands, such as Design Veronique, will incur cost at a premium and aid in recovery process exponentially.

    Charges for surgical equipment and consumables
    Apart from those mentioned, if one decides to engage in a very experienced surgeon for operation, the cost for breast augmentation will likely increase due to his experience in the field. The more experienced a surgeon, the more expensive he is likely to charge a patient.

    That’s not all. If you ever decide to have a very experienced surgeon, the cost for breast augmentation is likely to be higher because of the experience of the plastic surgeon. The more experience a surgeon is, the more expensive of the cost. But, the good thing is the cost of breast augmentation does not affect by the size of breast your choice. They are the same price.

    Other cost of breast augmentation includes:  

    • Breast Surgery
    • Consultation Fees
    • Day Surgery Charge
    • Government Service Charge (GST)
    • Sessions of Review after surgery depending on the surgeon and one’s situation after surgery, one may need to visit the clinic for additional review sessions after surgery. Ranging from surgeon to surgeon, some clinics provide complimentary review sessions where the minimum number of review sessions is 1 visit per month.

    Regardless of cost, bear in mind that Breast Augmentation Surgery is a lifetime procedure where one’s satisfactory should come first before cost. To ensure maximum satisfaction with the results, be sure to visit a board-certified F.A.M.S (Plast. Surg.) titled and experienced surgeon to perform the surgery for you.