What are the types of breast implants?  

There are two types of breast implants. The silicone shell itself can either be filled with sterile saline (salt water), or a viscous silicone gel. They are different filler materials, which means that they have different properties. For instance, Saline is a non-coherent filler which will not resist a change in shape. Silicone gel, on the other hand, will resist a change in shape. To put it simply, saline will assume the shape of the container that it is in quickly, whereas silicone gel will retain its original shape for a while before gradually taking the new shape of the container. Both can be used in revision surgeries that correct or improve the result of an original surgery.

Saline VS Silicone Breast Implants  


Realistically speaking, all breast implants will likely need to be removed or replaced in the long run. It is important to do extensive research before committing to a professionally recommended the type of breast implants. Currently, the available brands of breast implants in Singapore are Allergan Natrelle, Mentor and Motiva Implants.