types of breast shape

Types Of Breast Shapes And Expectations You Need To Know When Undergoing To A Breast Surgery

Breast enhancement has been by far the most popular procedure for women since the rise of cosmetic plastic surgery. Many women choose to undergo this surgery in order to enhance the size and shape of their breasts. This can be done by inserting different types of implants into the breasts depending on the desire and personal preference of the patient.

Most women opt for this treatment when their breasts are asymmetrical, or they have experienced loss of breast volume due to weight loss or pregnancy. Also, breast enhancement can help their breasts achieve the proper proportion with the rest of the woman’s body.

Getting to Know the Types of Implants

Breast implants are safe to use since Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved using it for breast surgery. Breast implants are medical devices that are composed of a silicone shell that come in different shapes and sizes.

The two types of breast implants are saline implants and the silicone gel implants. Saline implants are filled with salt water or saline. While the silicone gel implants are filled with a special medical grade gel that is intended to create more natural feel and look to the breasts unlike the saline implants. That’s why the silicone gel breast implants are the most popular implants to be used in breast enhancement.

Types of Breast Shape

Before deciding to undergo this procedure, here are the types of breasts every woman should know so they can ensure which surgery needs to be done.

• Asymmetrical – breasts are not the same size in which the other is larger than the other one
• Athletic – breasts that are wider and muscly
• Bell shape – breasts which the tops are thinner while the bottoms are rounder
• East west – nipples that point outwards
• Relaxed – breasts that hang downwards
• Round – breasts that are fully circular
• Side set – breasts that are further apart outwards
• Slender – breasts that are narrow and hang downwards
• Tear drop – breasts that are slightly more round at bottom

types of breast shape

If you finally decide to undergo breast enhancement surgery after knowing your breast types, here are the expectations you need to know once the surgery is being performed.

Breast Surgery Expectations

Breast augmentation is a type of surgery that is usually performed with either general anesthesia or conscious sedation. So, it’s better for the patients to decide and think carefully before moving on to the procedure.

Even though many patients have done their research prior their consultation, before surgery, it’s still better to ask your surgeon for recommendations to have a better idea of how it would like to appear after the operation. The doctor would have performed many surgeries and had a lot of experience, so expect that he has a working knowledge of what do patients prefer when it comes to breast augmentation. Doctors can use computer-assisted visualization tools to determine the best size and implant type for your body.

During the consultation, the doctor will explain the entire process of the breast augmentation. He will then tell you which type of implant to use depending on your personal preference.

The Process of Incision

There are different possible options for incision and this should be done according to the discussions made between the surgeon and the patient in which option should be chosen.

The following options are inframmary incision which can be done in the crease under the breast, transaxillary incision which is in the armpit, and periareolar incision that can be done around the nipple.

The choice of incision depends on several factors that the surgeon and the patient have discussed. The factors include the enlargement involved in the breasts, the patient’s anatomy, which type of implant to be used, and the implant preference of the surgeon and the patient.

types of breast shape

The Implant Insertion

When the incision is done, the insertion of the implant will be made. The implants are inserted into a pocket depending on which type of placement to be performed.

A submuscular placement is a type of implant placement that goes under the pectoral muscle. If this is chosen to be made, the recovery may take longer and the patient may feel more pain after the surgery.

Another implant placement is called sub-mammary or sub-glandular placement. It goes behind the breast tissue over the pectoral muscle.

Dual plane is a technique of placement that involves the use of both submuscular and sub-glandular. The submuscular method is being performed to emplace the upper part of the implant. The implant is then being put in a pocket under the chest muscle that covers the lower portion of the implant with breast tissue.

The Closing of Incisions

The process of closing the incisions is when the surgeon closes it with layered stitches in the breast tissue. These stitches help close the skin and keep it closed until it heals. The incision lines can still be visible but will fade soon.

The Assessment of the Results

After the surgery, the procedure can leave some swelling. But this should be resolved within two weeks. The incision lines will be faded as well. After this, the patient will decide if the surgery met her expectations.

So, if you are willingly dedicated to undergo breast enhancement, don’t hesitate to ask and open up a discussion about the advantages and disadvantages of surgical procedures with an experienced plastic surgeon. In that way, it will help you become more prepared on a surgery you have chosen for.