finding the right bras to wear after breast augmentation

Finding the Right Bras to Wear After Breast Augmentation 2020

Many women undergo breast augmentation because they are not satisfied with their current cup size, wanting to enhance their breasts to fit larger bra sizes. However, no matter how eager you are to shop for new undergarments, you need to wait for a while before you can. It takes some time before the implants settle into place. Specific designs of bras may affect your breasts’ shape and look after surgery.

With that being said, the proper compression garments are vital for a safe and healthy recovery period. Your doctor will instruct you with regard to this, but it doesn’t hurt to do your research. In that case, you may consolidate your personal choices with your surgeon and come up with the right breast augmentation recovery bra you are comfortable with.

So, here is a guide on everything you need to know about bras after breast surgery.

Why Is the Right Bra Vital After Breast Surgery?

Breast augmentation is all about shape and size. As we established, wearing regular bras may ruin the results of your surgery. These undergarments are usually tight, putting pressure on the implants causing them to move or slide. As a result, the implants may slip out of its intended placement.

Despite most women doing it for aesthetic purposes, there are some considerations healthy-wise that you need to think about, especially during the recovery period. Wearing regular bras may interfere with the healing of your incisions and irritate the breast area.

More importantly, undergarments will give you comfort and ease the pain from your surgery. Your breasts will feel swollen and sensitive after breast augmentation. Regular bras will not be comfortable to wear during this period. The right bra for breast augmentation recovery results in a healthier and more comfortable healing process. It also provides comfort when you are sleeping or moving around.

What’s the Best Breast Augmentation Recovery Bra?

Discussion about undergarments is common among breast augmentation patients. With the different types available in the market, it can get confusing for the patient to choose what’s best for them. Although, doctors usually recommend two types of bra to wear after breast surgery; a medical compression bra and a sports bra.

The road to recovery from your breast surgery is just as vital as the preparation for it beforehand. After your surgery, the surgeon will prescribe you a medical compression bra to wear. It keeps your wound dressing in place, protecting the breast tissue from possible infection or irritation. They help aid too much swelling and alleviate bruising and scarring.  Like what we mentioned earlier, implants take time to settle into place, and compression undergarments help prevent implants from moving. Lastly, this bra promotes a healthy breast augmentation recovery by reducing swelling and providing breast support. Commonly, your surgeon will recommend you to wear this day and night for one to two weeks.

medical compression bra
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Few days after your operation, with your surgeon’s instructions, you may switch from the compression garments to a high-quality sports bra. Take note that you can’t wear just any type of bra as you are still recovering at this point. When shopping for a sports bra after your breast surgery, look for the following features:

No Underwire and Seams. Bras with underwire and seams may affect your incisions’ healing as they can cause irritation and discomfort. Choose undergarments made from a high cotton material, which is super soft, allowing your skin to breathe. Make sure to choose a bra with a comfortable fabric as you will be wearing it from day to night.

Proper Fit and Support. Again, bras for breast augmentation recovery are essential to keep the implants in place. Choose a sports bra with a wide under band that fits snugly, supporting your breasts’ weight. Make sure that the cups fully enclose your breast and are separated in the cleavage area. There should be enough space between the cups where the center of the bra can sit flat on, making sure your breasts are not pushed together.

A good fit is also essential to look for in undergarments. Your bra should keep your breasts positioned high on your chest, but not too tight that it pushes your breasts. If it feels too uncomfortable, get one that is a size larger

Front Closure. For the first few days or weeks after your surgery, you will have a hard time lifting your arms above your head or reaching around your back. A front clasp will make it easier for you to wear and take off your bra, without excessive stretching or arm movement.

Adjustable Straps. As you go further into your recovery, swelling settles down, and you will notice a change in the size of your breasts. Bras with fully adjustable straps keep you comfortable throughout the process, without the need to buy undergarments in another size.

What’s the Best Recovery Bra for Breast Augmentation With Fat Grafting?

Some women choose to have breast augmentation with fat grafting instead of using implants. The recovery instructions for this type of surgery will be different but still essential to follow.

Even so, when it comes to breast support, rules are pretty much the same. Compression bras and sports bras are still the best options for undergarments, but make sure it is not too tight not to affect the final results. There are also compression vests that cover both the breasts and waist, which is a common donor area for fat grafting.

Regardless of the method, avoid underwired bras as your breasts are sensitive, coming after breast augmentation. It usually takes around six weeks for your breasts to recover fully. However, it may differ for each person as everybody takes different times to heal. Consult your doctor for the right time to switch from compression and sports bras to standard and underwire bras.

The best results from your breast surgery don’t come overnight. It takes a while before your body fully recovers. Until then, your excitement about buying new bras for your new body will have to wait. It might be hard, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. Look at the bright side and play the waiting game for now; it will make your bra shopping experience later more fulfilling.

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