Knowing The Difference Between Cc’s And Bra Cup Sizes: A Guide To Choosing Breast Implants That Are Right For You

There are several factors about what it takes for a woman to achieve a sexier and perkier breast size. Many women desire to increase their breasts’ size depending on their aesthetic and personal preference that can meet their ideal body proportion, and make their physique even more beautiful.

Women tend to use different methods in order to measure their breast size and shape. When they find out their breasts’ measurements, it is time for them to decide which implants’ size and shape is better to achieve their desired cup size increase.

How do bra cup sizes and breast implants sizing work?

It’s a real thing for most women that breast size is not the only entity that matters the most when we talk about the whole appearance of the breasts. Having a sensual and sexy bust line can actually lead to achieving a perfect combination of proper proportion and volume that will result to have bouncy and perky breasts.

However, a cup size of every woman is different and varies from one another. Bra manufacturers produce bras that are different in sizes and shapes in which the band widths can affect the cup size. If you’re thinking about considering breast augmentation surgery, cup size does not depend on patient’s breast augmentation preferred outcome.

Also, it is common now for many women that they wear the wrong size of bra. In fact, bra sizing can be confusing, and it is impossible for cosmetic surgeons to guarantee you a perfect breast augmentation with cup size increase as its sizes vary according to the manufacturer.

How do I find the right bra cup size?

Knowing that cup size is proportional to your band size is very important. In fact, when the band is bigger in size, so as the volume in the cup. It is also important to know that there is a big variation of measuring methods for bra that produce a wide range of different cup sizes for you to choose from.
Band size has many different ways to measure the cup size. Here are the few:

  • Keep the tape around your back at band level
  • Measure at the fullest part of your bust
  • Make sure the tape isn’t too tight by taking a full breath in and out, allowing the tape to slide to its most comfortable (yet snug) position.

Methods given above can make you assume that you are already wearing the correct fitted bra, even without padding. Even though you are not wearing a bra when measuring, it can only work to know your measurement if you do not have saggy breasts. Some bra fitters recommend you to do the measuring through bending over with the breasts facing the floor, and then do the measuring again across the widest section of your breasts, usually in the nipple area.

If you hear the words underbra and the overbust measure, the difference of them is the cup size. However, you should try the bra while wearing it so you can easily determine if it fits you.

bra cup sizes

Is bra cup size equivalent to breast implants size?

So, in this point, you are now likely asking yourself, “What does it all mean when it comes to breast augmentation and trying to decide my cup size?” Well, actually the answer is absolutely nothing, because breast implant size is not associated with bra cup size.

Cubic centimeter or “cc’s” is the unit used to get measure the size of breast implants. The breast implant manufacturers usually offer variety of sizes for their implants. These implants normally begin at around 100cc, and increase their sizes up to 800cc.

In general, the sizing of breast implant is typically being estimated to a 130cc to 150cc when going up one cup size increase in the size of your breasts. More patients demand to achieve at least 300cc, and some extend it to 340cc as they see this dimension to make their breasts look more appropriate in cup size.

bra cup sizes
Picture Credit: Motiva Implant

On the other hand, when referring to cup size, it doesn’t inevitably meet how your breast augmentation would result. The outcome of any implants augmented will vary, and will depend on the current size of your breasts and other factors.

Your breast implant size can also depend on multiple factors that are not only its volume and measurement. Here are the others:

  • Implant profile and base width
  • Implant shape
  • Amount of breast tissue
  • Rib cage’s width and contour
  • Natural breast shape and dimensions
  • Implant placements
  • Implant types
  • Implant surfaces

Can I undergo breast augmentation if I only go up with one bra cup size?

Having a breast size increase is one of the most wanted desires to achieve by women. What more is that you can also improve your breasts’ shape and size through breast augmentation even though you can only go through with one cup size. This will be totally worth it to happen if you have the following:

  • Prefer to improve the shape of your breasts or correct tubular breasts
  • Want to have larger breasts without anyone can notice that you’ve gone to breast augmentation
  • Like to correct breast asymmetry
  • Prefer more fullness in the upper part of your breasts but not to look much bigger
  • Simply want a little size increase

Moreover, it is essential to know that increasing the sizes of the breasts does not mean it will you give bigger cleavage as well. Always put in mind that cleavage does not measure in volume, but it is defined as the gap or distance whether how far or close your breasts to each other. Furthermore, they are associated to the shape and width of your breasts, and how they sit on your chest wall.

Having a different body anatomy cannot be easily reformed in surgical means. This depends on your body physique and preference to achieve the outcome you desire for your breasts. In fact, breast implants are necessary to be injected in the center of the breast and under the nipple if you want closer cleavage. This basically results to make your breasts closer together to each other depending on your preference.

When is the right time to buy new bras?

After going through a breast augmentation surgery, buying new bras can be a little tricky to you because you won’t be able to use your old bras due to the change of cup size after surgery. So, going to ladies’ wear section in stores is recommended.

However, it is important to know that during the 4th-6th week of your recovery, your implant’s position is too high, tight and awkward and it will take 6 months before your implants are really settled in. Therefore, it is recommended to only consider buying new bras 3-months post operation to ensure that you will be able to purchase the right bra for your new breast size.


In conclusion, selecting the right breast implants should be done by you and your chosen plastic surgeon. Your surgeon should know your aesthetic goals and compare them to the history of your breast size. Then, there is the need to match them next to your current breast size to help you decide which breast implant shape and size suit you to alter your breasts into the ones you definitely desire.