Getting More Cleavage To Achieve Youthful-Looking Breasts

Many patients choose to undergo breast augmentation surgery to have fuller and perkier breasts with more cleavage. Cleavage is known to be associated with femininity that enhances both self-image and physical attractiveness to women.

What is a Cleavage?

Cleavage is defined as the distance or gap between the breasts. It is derived from the word cleft which means a V-shaped indented formation.

Having a “narrow” cleavage is thought to be attractive in which the breasts are closer together naturally. That’s why many women opt to undergo breast augmentation to achieve narrow cleavage. However, this cannot be accomplished easily if the breasts of the patient are naturally widely parted.

If you want to determine how much cleavage you have, you can measure the distance from the inner edge of one breast to the other. You can also measure the distance of your nipple to the other as this helps you know how much cleavage you have as well. However, there’s no need to worry about the space between your breasts if it is wide or narrow because this depends on your unique body type.

Each woman has their own preference when it comes to their breasts. Most of them prefer having a narrow cleavage, while some desire to have a slight rounding in the upper portion of their breasts to indicate some “buoyancy” and volume for a more natural-looking youthful look.

Can Breast Augmentation Improve My Cleavage?

Breast augmentation is a known plastic surgery that is mostly requested by many women. It targets to make women’s breasts larger and improve their projection, but it is not intended to enhance cleavage.

If you have breasts that are naturally separated, then you will continue to have the same after undergoing breast augmentation. However, after the surgery you may notice some improvements to your breasts but there is no assurance that this could also happen to you.

If you have breasts that are naturally close together that makes your cleavage more visible, then you will have the same after the surgery.

If you consider undergoing breast augmentation, you may see the following changes of what your cleavage will look like after the surgery:

  • Breastbone will be prominent
  • Your chest wall structure will be noticeable
  • Some fatty tissue will cover your sternum
  • The position of your nipples will be enhanced and how proper they are centered on your breasts

However, if you have gone to breast augmentation and feel that your breasts are still too far apart in the middle, there are other surgical options including fat grafting surgery that can reposition the breast implant pocket to achieve cleavage as a result.

If your breasts are too close and you can see that your cleavage is narrow after your breast augmentation surgery, repositioning your breast implant pockets can also fix the problem in this case.
There are some cases that may require placement of surgical tissue products on your breasts whether you want them widely separated from each other or closer together. And, this depends on how you want to achieve your preferred cleavage look.

Choosing the Right Implants

Choosing the right shape for your implant can determine how much cleavage you have after the surgery. Selecting implants with a wider base will work but that depends to a certain extent.

On the other hand, choosing implants that are too wide or too large might increase the risk of visible rippling. Also, this can lead to bulging in your underarm area resulting in an unnatural appearance near the side of your breasts.

Positioning the Implants to Create Cleavage

Inserting the chosen implants closer together in the breasts will give you more cleavage. This will work when each implant is placed properly centered underneath your nipples. Placing the implants too close together will make the nipples point outward on the outer side of each breast.

Conversely, you might get better cleavage with this procedure, but there will be problems on the results once the surgery is done, some examples are:

  • Your breasts will look non-natural or artificial, and “cockeyed.”
  • There is a higher risk of rippling on the inner parts of your breasts. This happens if your body is naturally thin and lack enough fat to hide the implants in your breasts.
  • The function of your muscles might be compromised if the implants are placed in the sub-pectoral position.

You can achieve your desired cleavage by finding a board-certified plastic surgeon to perform surgery for you. Visit him for a consultation and discuss carefully about your implant choice. If possible, bring photos of your ideal cleavage look to show to your surgeon. This will give him an idea of how much cleavage you want to achieve before the surgery.

However, it may not be possible to get exactly what you want because this depends on your body type or body anatomy, but having a good conversation with your surgeon regarding your cleavage preference will help him understand your goals and manage your expectations about the outcome of your surgery