Getting to Know the Critical Decisions You Need to Make Before Going to a Breast Augmentation

Before you decide to undergo breast augmentation, you need to learn first how it is done and if it is really worth it for you. You need to do your research first like reading up on reviews from other patients who already tried the procedure and if it worked fine for them or not. But the best thing you can do to give you an idea about how breast augmentation really work is by looking for an experienced surgeon who can consult you about the entire process of the procedure.
If you are completely certain with your desire to improve your breasts’ size and shape, or whatever your reason is, you need to consider and understand some clinical choices and decisions first before you conclude and decide to undergo a breast augmentation. Before your consultation, you have to prepare some important clinical decisions or questions you want to clarify with your surgeon. This is essential to discuss with your surgeon to make sure you are fully prepared on the day of your surgery.
The significant critical decisions you need to make before your consultation are here below:

How am I going to determine my breast implant size?

This point is very crucial to make because the size of your breast implant will greatly impact the result of your breast augmentation. It is important to determine your breast implant size accurately to help you achieve a safer and healthier outcome to fully meet your cosmetic expectations. This kind of question is commonly asked by patients because most of them are eager to find out what implant size is suitable for them to achieve rounder or bigger breasts with the help of their right surgeon. Telling your surgeon your preferred breasts’ size is a good way to find out. Your surgeon has had a lot of experience in the procedure and will be able to advice you on what implant size would be good for you to achieve your aesthetic results. Most surgeons will also use a system of measurements to help determine the accuracy of size and shape of your breasts.

Which kind of breast implant to use?

You probably know the different kinds of breast implants since you have already researched them before your consultation. However, it is important as well to distinguish the difference between the shapes and types of the implants. There are two kinds of implants to be used. It can be made with silicone or saline, and the way of selecting which one to use depends on your personal preference, the surgeon’s choice, and your body profile like how the tissues in your body are applicable with the implants. Not only the implants, but you also need to know their manufacturer’s warranties and guarantees if they are safe and effective to use. You can only determine the right choice when your surgeon guide you throughout the consultation process that includes the effectiveness and options of the best breast implants.

In which area will the pocket location be spotted?

Determining which pocket location to select for the breast implants can be really confusing. The pocket location is mainly where the implants will be planted inside the breasts. Therefore, it is very vital to discuss this matter with your surgeon to give him your preference about the location of the pocket. On the other hand, just because you choose it doesn’t mean it will be followed. It still depends on how the tissues will react with the implants, and your surgeon will opt for the location where it is not risky. During your consultation, your surgeon will measure and assess your tissues to help you decide which pocket location is good for you.

Where is the location of incision?

The most important decision you have to make before you proceed to breast augmentation is where the incision will be located. There are different methods to determine the location of incision. These are called the inframammary, axillary, and periareolar. Each location of incision has its advantages and disadvantages that you really need to consider asking your surgeon. The selection of breast implant may affect which incision you will use. So, it has to be discussed carefully because it is a bit riskier if your incision site fails. Your surgeon should help you and guide you to choose the right incision location for you that doesn’t require too many stitches and bandages.

What are the risks of breast augmentation?

Every surgical procedure has its own risks but when you are dealing with the right and certified surgeon, there will be more chances of getting successful surgical outcome. However, when it comes to any surgery, it doesn’t mean they are all completely risk-free. There are risks that might occur related in breast augmentation such as infection, bleeding, hematoma, scarring, capsular contracture, implant rupture, adverse reaction to anesthesia, or any unsatisfactory results that may require to perform another surgery. But these risks are reduced when your surgery is performed by a skilled and experienced surgeon.


Overall, these key points are essential to discourse with your surgeon. It is always important to seek safety for every patient who undergoes breast augmentation. Also, it is necessary for patients to be curious and observant about their chosen procedure as this will lead them to turn their expectations into a successful result.