Ergonomix® vs Ergonomix2®

​​Ergonomix® vs Ergonomix2®: Which one is better for your Breast Augmentation?

Since its commercial launch, Motiva®, the 6th generation of implants, has been known for its innovations. Establishment Labs, the creator of Motiva® Implants, designed the product to address problems that previous generations of implants have not; thus, resulting in innovative medical and aesthetic features that can only be found in Motiva Implants. 

The brand also values catering to everyone who wants to achieve great aesthetic results. That’s why Motiva® has a range of implant shapes, sizes, and projections to help women find the right implants for themselves. Two of the most popular Motiva® Implants are the Round and Ergonomix®.

Throughout the years, the brand has continued to develop products and services that make a woman’s breast augmentation surgery more comfortable. The constant product development led the team at Establishment Labs to come up with a new and improved version of one of their signatures, the Ergonomix2® Implant.

Moreover, Motiva® has extended beyond just breast implants and looks at different aspects of a woman’s breast augmentation journey. Motiva® helps its patients find surgeons that offer breast surgery with the implants and assures their safety even after the operation with its warranty programs. All of this culminated in the brand’s latest offering, JOY ® , where you can avail Ergonomix2® Breast Implants.

With that said, what’s the difference between Ergonomix® and Ergonomix2® Implants? Which one is suited for your breast augmentation surgery?

Ergonomix® vs Ergonomix2®

There are two traditional breast implant shapes: round and teardrop or anatomical. Ergonomix® combines the rheological properties of the two mentioned implant shapes. This is Motiva®’s response to patients wanting to have implants that not only look natural but also feel and move naturally.

Ergonomix® Implants are designed to follow the movement of women’s natural breasts by applying ergonomics principles to its configuration. As a result, the implant holds a round shape when lying down and takes a natural teardrop shape when standing up. It still keeps optimum projection that is proportioned to the patient’s natural figure, creating a natural look and feel.

Ergonomix® is one of Motiva®’s unique innovations. At the same time, with its dedication to continuously innovate the process of breast augmentation, Establishment Labs builds on their current range of products. Here enters Ergonomix2®.

Ergonomix2® Implants is one of Motiva®’s newest offerings that enhances and improves on the elements of the current Ergonomix®.

While there is a thin line between the difference between Ergonomix® and Ergonomix2®, there are key points that differentiate the two from one another. To have a complete look at each variation, we’ll look at it through different factors: features, warranty, and availability.

Ergonomix® vs Ergonomix2®

Ergonomix® Features

Ergonomix®’s natural look, feel, and movement is due to the combination of its unique innovative features.

The following are the properties and features that compose the Ergonomix® Implants:

  • ProgressiveGel Ultima ®
    • The natural look, feel, and movement of Ergonomix® Implants is highly credited to its gel, the ProgressiveGel Ultima® . It is a silicone gel designed with rheological properties that follow a woman’s natural movement. Furthermore, it ensures that the implant is 100% filled, giving a fuller shape, and 100% ultra-soft, keeping the natural feel.
  • TrueTissue Technology
    • The TrueTissue Technology is the combination of a specific elastic elastomer shell and the special rheological properties of ProgessiveGel Ultima®. It helps with the shift of the implant’s projection, which mimics that of natural breasts. When lying down, the maximum projection is closer to the middle point of the breast, while it shifts to the lower pole when standing up.
  • BluSeal®
    • BluSeal® is a protective barrier layer that signifies to the healthcare provider that the implant is 100% intact. The bluish colour marks the presence of the barrier layer and that the implant is void of defects like gel bleed and rupture.
  • TrueMonobloc®
    • TrueMonobloc® refers to the configuration that links all of the implant components (gel, shell, and patch) to create a unified structure. It creates a high-performance implant with sturdy tensile strength.
  • SmoothSilk® /SilkSurface®
    • SmoothSilk® /SilkSurface® is an advanced smooth surface implant that is unique to all Motiva® Implants. It is achieved through 3D nanotechnology imprinting, creating an even shell. It also minimises the risk of complications such as capsular contracture, late seroma, and BIA-ALCL.
  • RFID-Enabled Implant (QiD®)
    • The world’s first FDA-cleared RFID micro-transponder for use in humans and the only one with a CE-Mark for use in implants. It helps healthcare providers to have control over the verification of the implant in case of adverse events. It allows them to verify implant information in a non-intrusive way through the use of a specialised scanner.
Ergonomix® vs Ergonomix2®

Ergonomix2® Features

As mentioned earlier, Ergonomix2® made a few improvements to the properties of the Ergonomix® Implants. It still retains some of the known features of Motiva® Implants including SmoothSilk® /SilkSurface® , ProgressiveGel Ultima® , and Qid®.

In addition, it is composed of new and enhanced features such as:

  • Motiva SuperSilicones®
    • Motiva SuperSilicones® is a high-strength silicone dispersion used in the implant shell for Ergonomix2®. This results in a superior set of rheological properties to provide a more responsive and persistent adaptation, enhanced ergonomy, an extra soft feel and more natural movement.
  • TrueMonobloc+®
    • TrueMonobloc+® is the improved proprietary multi-layer system unifying the implant’s structure. It creates an implant with sterile strength while having improved flexibility that allows it to be stretched without rupture. Also, it makes implant insertion easier through smaller incisions with Motiva MinimalScar®, which is included in the JOY® program.
  • BluSeal+® 
    • Ergonomix2® is known as “the blue implant” because of BluSeal+®. Ergonomix2® significantly upgrade the control of silicone diffusion, improving the safety profile of breast implants.

Ergonomix® Warranty

All Motiva® Implants are covered by the Always Confident Warranty®, which covers rare cases of implant rupture for the lifetime of the implant. It also comes with the Product Replacement Policy, covering cases of Baker Grades III and IV Capsular Contracture within a period of 10 years.

Motiva® also offers extended warranty programs.

The 2Y Extended Warranty Program is offered with Motiva® Implants without Qid®. It covers cases of rupture and Baker Grades III and IV Capsular Contracture and provides up to USD$1,000 financial assistance to cover the revision surgery. The program is registered through the MotivaImagine® website or app with a non-refundable fee of USD$100.

On the other hand, the 5Y Extended Warranty Program is offered for implants with Qid®. It also covers cases of rupture and Baker Grades III and IV Capsular Contracture. It provides up to USD$2,500 financial assistance to cover the cost of the revision surgery. The program is also registered through the MotivaImagine® website or app with a non-refundable fee of USD$200.

Ergonomix2® Warranty

Ergonomix2® is also covered by the Always Confident Warranty® and Product Replacement Policy for rare cases of rupture and capsular contracture, respectively.

Ergonomix2® is offered through the JOY® by Motiva® program. The said program automatically comes with the 5Y Extended Warranty, which provides USD$2,500 financial assistance to cover the cost of revision surgery in rare cases of rupture and capsular contracture.

Additionally, the patient is secured with a new program by Motiva® to have the freedom of choice and peace of mind throughout the whole journey, even after the breast augmentation surgery. With this, it includes the Motiva Woman’s Choice Program®. This new program gives the patient an option to reverse their breast augmentation surgery with Ergonomix2® implants, no matter the reason. It also provides a certain amount of financial aid for the implant removal procedure*.
*Within 2 years, starting from the date of breast augmentation surgery.

Ergonomix® Availability

Motiva Ergonomix® is cleared for commercial distribution in many countries worldwide. It is possible to find a surgeon who offers breast augmentation with Ergonomix® in an area near you. You can find one through Motiva’s official website center locator.

Ergonomix2® Availability

As established, Ergonomix2® is exclusively offered through the JOY® by Motiva® program. 

JOY® has an exclusive list of world-class surgeons, who all have undergone a specialised medical education program by Motiva®. You can register for JOY® through this selection of surgeons.

The good news is that JOY® by Motiva® is coming to Asia! The program is now available in Singapore, the first country in Asia to offer it. You can now find a JOY® surgeon through Motiva’s official website center locator.

Those are the differences between Ergonomix® and Ergonomix2®. Regardless of your choice, both implants offer innovative features and programs to make your breast augmentation surgery worthwhile. Motiva® guides you throughout the whole process to achieve your aesthetic goals in the safest way possible.